Tellurion Games is a tiny independent game studio from Canada's east coast. Its founder, Josh Levy, has spent his entire life developing games as a hobby.


Early history (1990-1998)

Josh Levy, the founder of Tellurion Games, first started programming at the age of 4 on his Dad's Atari 130XE, copying a personal finance management software line-by-line from a BASIC magazine. At the age of 10, Josh built his first computer, using an Intel 386 processor, and continued developing his programming skills with QBASIC. A few years later, a family friend who designed ATM software gifted Josh a copy of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and several programming manuals.

JAG Productions (1999-2005)

Josh and his graphically gifted cousin formed JAG (Josh-and-Greg) Productions, and the duo set to work on their first game, a simplistic Bomberman clone, which was briefly sold at their home town's pharmacy. Over the years, the team developed several games using a variety of toolkits, including Adventure Creation Kit, Megazeux, and eventually GameStudio A4.

Looking for LÖVE (2006-2013)

After university, Josh and Greg drifted apart, but Josh continued developing software in his free time. For a time, he tinkered with various languages, including Java, Python, Haskell, and Dark Basic, but eventually migrated to LÖVE - a lua based framework.

JavaScript (2013-2015)

Josh submitted a LÖVE project to Ludum Dare 24, pushing the limits of what LÖVE (at the time) was capable of. The game used raycasting techniques to achieve a first person effect in the same way early first person shooters did. Wanting to continue exploring this "2.5D" effect, Josh again searched for a new language to try. He eventually found a few JavaScript projects on GitHub that met his needs, and set to work learning a new language for the first time in years.

Founding Tellurion Games (2015-)

In 2015, Josh, now a father and full-time banker, founded Tellurion Games, and spent his free time building a comprehensive basecode that would serve as the foundation for his future projects. After a few months, the basecode, which now functioned in both JavaScript and LÖVE, had developed into something Josh truly enjoyed working with. With this ready, Josh began work on a larger, more serious, project.




Awards & Recognition

  • "#4 Community, #5 Humor, #9 Audio" Ludum Dare 16 - December 14, 2009
  • "#65 Overall (Jam)" Ludum Dare 24 - August 27, 2012

Selected Articles

  • Custom tinting/colorization of graphical tiles in rot.js! Thanks @TellurionGames.
    Ondřej Žára, Twitter
  • I thought this was top notch for an adventure game. This for me was very fun to play. Good job!
    thewiseguy99, Ludum Dare 24
  • I liked low-res art style. Raycasting caused a nice "retro" feeling.
    Misfit, Ludum Dare 24
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